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Introduction to Daniel

Why Study the Book of Daniel?

Purpose of Daniel

Great Conflicts Unveiled

Daniel the Prophet

Structure and Themes

Style and Interpretation

Ancient Translations

Daniel In the Critics' Den

Historical Background

The City of Babylon

Why Study the Book of Daniel?

The importance of the book of Daniel cannot be overstated.

  1. It is an indispensable introduction to New Testament prophecy.
  2. It bridges the gap between Israelís historical books and the New
  3. It reveals details about the comings of the Anointed One, the Antichrist and other princes.
  4. It tells of the Tribulation, followed by the Lordís return.
  5. It speaks about the resurrections and the judgments of God.
  6. It covers ďthe Times of the Gentiles.Ē
  7. It shows that God is sovereign in the affairs of man.
  8. It proves there is a God in heaven who rules history.
  9. It uncovers a great spiritual warfare among the angelic and demonic forces.
  10. It illustrates what true dedication to God means, and what God is willing to do through, and for, those who are committed to Him.
  11. It provides a solid basis for comfort in the midst of adversity.
  12. It discloses godly principles for politicians and officials.
  13. It offers hope for Godís people so they will not fall away.
  14. It challenges Godís people to faithfulness.
  15. It contains an unusual amount of practical truth that is applicable to Christians today.
  16. It predicts an everlasting kingdom ruled by the Son of Man.

Daniel reveals:

  1. The time of the Messiahís two advents
  2. Godís interest in, care for, and chastisement of His chosen people
  3. Reasons for the Jews to take comfort during the exile
  4. There is a God in heaven
  5. God hates and judges sin
  6. Pride goes before a fall
  7. The appropriate responses to crises
  8. History in advance
  9. God sets the times and boundaries of nations
  10. God is faithful to His covenant promises and to His people Israel
  11. Israelís deliverance and blessings in the coming Millennial Age
  12. Godís interest in and care for His chosen people, even when they sin
  13. Godís infinite superiority over the gods of Mesopotamia
  14. God plans for His people from the time of the Babylonian exile until eternity
  15. Israelís time of distress
  16. The mighty power of prayer
  17. The coming of five kingdoms
  18. The triumph of the Son of Man
  19. The absolute sovereignty of Yahweh
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