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Daniel 8

Outline and Background - Daniel 8

The Vision of the Ram - Daniel 8:1-4

The Vision of the Goat - Daniel 8:5-8

The Vision of the Little Horn - Daniel 8:9-12

The Time-span of the Host Trampling the Sanctuary - Daniel 8:13-14

The Interpretation of the Vision by Gabriel - Daniel 8:15-27

Application of Daniel 8

Outline and Background - Daniel 8

Outline of Chapter Eight

The Vision of the Ram, 1-4
The Vision of the Goat, 5-8
The Vision of the Little Horn, 9-12
The Time-span of the Host Trampling the Sanctuary, 13-14
The Interpretation of the Vision by Gabriel, 15-27




Timeline of Daniel 8

The chronological order of the chapters of the book of Daniel is 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 5, 9, 6, 10,11, and12.

The time of the vision in this chapter was the third year of the reign of Belshazzar (551 B.C.), twelve years before the fall of Babylon. Daniel was about seventy years old that year. In 539 B.C., Daniel could interpret the handwriting on the wall because he already knew the future course of the world empires. But, there is much for the prophet and his readers to learn of the future. The vision in this chapter reveals details about the rulers of the Medo-Persian and Greek empires.

This chapter begins with a switch from Aramaic back to Hebrew, indicating that Israel is back in the prophetic picture and is the intended audience for the last five chapters of this book. These five chapters are intended to show Israel its place in prophetic history and to prepare the Jews for the terrible persecutions that lie ahead. The bad news is that persecution is coming, but the good news is that it will end at God’s set time.

Chapter eight elaborates and expands certain features of the dream and visions in chapter seven. Chapter seven was a sweep of history, while chapter eight deals with specifics of the second and third kingdoms, focusing on another “little horn” who foreshadows the Antichrist.

Here Daniel becomes a time traveler. He is projected into the future and to a different location, somewhat like the prophet Ezekiel and the apostle John.

This chapter contains a vision, apocalyptic symbolism, history told in veiled terms, angels, persecution, prediction, and the interpretation of the vision. It has three parts:

1. A vision of a ram and a goat (1-12)
2. An introduction of heavenly interpreters (13-19)
3. An interpretation of the vision (20-27)

Nabonidus’ policy toward Cyrus was friendly and cooperative until the Persian merger with the Medes. Then Nabonidus made secret overtures with Lydia and Egypt, hoping to forge a triple alliance against the dangerous and aggressive Cyrus the Great. The great sea is churning; a new world empire is coming out of the sea.

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