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Daniel 7

Outline and Background - Daniel 7

Vision and Dream of the Three Beasts - Daniel 7:1-6

The Four Winds of Heaven

The Great Sea

The First Beast

The Second Beast

The Third Beast

Vision of the Fourth Beast - Daniel 7:7-8

The Little Horn of the Fourth Beast

The Future From God's Perspective

Linking of Daniel 7 to Revelation 17

Vision of God's Throne - Daniel 7:9-12

Vision of the Son of Man - Daniel 7:13-14

Visions and Dream Interpreted - Daniel 7:15-28

Applications of Daniel 7

Outline and Background - Daniel 7

Outline of Chapter Seven

Vision and Dream of the Three Beasts, 1-6

  • The Four Winds
  • The Great Sea
  • The First Beast
  • The Second Beast
  • The Third Beast

Vision of the Fourth Beast, 7-8
Vision of God’s Throne, 9-12
Vision of the Son of Man, 13-14
Visions and Dream Interpreted, 15-28


Timeline of Daniel 7

Chapter seven begins the second part of the book and is a flashback. The dream and visions, which Daniel had in one night during the first year (553 B.C.) of King Belshazzar’s reign, are recorded here. From this point forward, apocalyptic genre expands and narrative dwindles. Thus, the prophet’s visions are dominated by symbols and images that forecast the future.

In this chapter, Daniel was about seventy years old and apparently was no longer an active official of Belshazzar’s court. The king might have retired the interpreter of dreams and visions, but not God! In this second part of the book, Daniel’s dream and visions arise from his profound experiences with the supernatural that leave the prophet shaken. Chronologically, this dream and the visions occur between chapters four and five.

This chapter will end the Aramaic section. It is linguistically joined to what has preceded, and logically related to what follows. It is the heart of the book of Daniel. Here Daniel introduces two coming princes: “The Little Horn” and “The Son of Man.” He presents a panorama of history from Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom to Messiah’s kingdom, along with a vision that takes place at the throne in heaven.

Daniel’s dream and his visions of four beasts fill in the sketch of prophetic history, which had been revealed in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the great image. Each of the four beasts corresponds to the four parts of that image.

The vision in heaven unveils the King of the everlasting kingdom. With phenomenal accuracy, the dream and visions cover the “times of the Gentiles” until Christ’s kingdom fills the whole earth. Like the books of Kings record history from man’s perspective and the books of Chronicles record history from God’s perspective, chapter two depicts world dominion from man’s perspective and chapter seven from the divine view. Man sees the kingdoms of the world as great human nobility, which is symbolized by the image of the dream of dreams. On the other hand, God sees the kingdoms of the world as wild and brutal beasts, which crush and devour humanity. While deterioration in the quality of the kingdoms is depicted in the metals of the image, there is a heightened degree of terror and fright depicted in each successive beast.

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