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Daniel 7

Outline and Background - Daniel 7

Vision and Dream of the Three Beasts - Daniel 7:1-6

The Four Winds of Heaven

The Great Sea

The First Beast

The Second Beast

The Third Beast

Vision of the Fourth Beast - Daniel 7:7-8

The Little Horn of the Fourth Beast

The Future From God's Perspective

Linking of Daniel 7 to Revelation 17

Vision of God's Throne - Daniel 7:9-12

Vision of the Son of Man - Daniel 7:13-14

Visions and Dream Interpreted - Daniel 7:15-28

Applications of Daniel 7

Applications of Daniel 7

The enthronement of the Son of Man is reflected in this chapter, as well as in Genesis 1:28, Psalms 2 and 8. He has been given royal authority over creation. Therefore, we should be living in anticipation of the one like a son of man coming with the clouds of heaven.

In Daniel’s time, this chapter served as a polemic against the annual re-enthronement of the king when he was presented to Marduk in the New Year Festival. In contrast, Christ’s power will never be taken away or destroyed like the four beasts. His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom and re-enthronement will never occur.

The book of Daniel provides, to the exiles in Babylon and to us, the prophetic answer to the question,” How long, O God?” This chapter contains many clues to the duration and depth of Israel’s subjugation when it is compared with other Scriptures. The kingdom will not be restored to Israel until the Son of Man comes with the clouds of heaven.

The visions that passed through Daniel’s mind deeply troubled his thoughts, and his face turned pale. How are you affected when you ponder the awesomeness of the Ancient of Days and God’s plans for the future? The Scriptures that make known the wrathful nature of God and His predictions of a turbulent future should deeply frighten and alarm us. Undoubtedly, Daniel was deeply troubled about what would happen to his own people in the future—how about you?

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