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Daniel 6

Outline and Background - Daniel 6

Advancement and Adversaries of Daniel - Daniel 6:1-9

Attitude of Daniel - Daniel 6:10

Accusation Against Daniel and Anxiety of Darius - Daniel 6:11-20

Assurance and Avenging of Darius - Daniel 6:21-24

Announcement of Darius and Achievement of Daniel - Daniel 6:25-28

Application and Typical Prophecies - Daniel 6

Attitude of Daniel - Daniel 6:10

Daniel’s uncompromising faithfulness to God sparkled. He was a light to the world, which Jesus desires of all believers. When Daniel learned of the decree, he did what was his long established practice. He went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened towards Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.

The practice of prayer develops perfection! Prayer is the secret of Daniel’s boldness, courage, wisdom, and elevation in two empires. God rewards the thankful and dependent heart. Before his conversion, Nebuchadnezzar had praised himself for success but Daniel always thanked Yahweh for his success. Unfortunately, Darius was duped into having the prayers of the people offered to him.

Praying towards Jerusalem was the custom among the Israelites when away from the Holy City (1 Kings 8:44-51; 2 Chronicles 6:34; Psalm 5:7; 28:2; 138:2; Jonah 2:4). The faithful prayed privately at three intervals during the day, possibly on their knees (Psalm 55:17; 95:6). The morning and evening prayers correspond with the times of the morning and evening sacrifices; the halfway prayer was the one at noon.

Tests, trials, and temptations continued to come to this aged saint. Daniel was either absent or not required to bow before the golden image erected on the plain of Dura. Ironically, everyone now was standing and Daniel was bowing in prayer before his God. Yahweh now gave Daniel
the test that he had missed fifty years earlier.

One almost can hear the Devil whispering to the prophet: “Daniel, do not be foolish! God understands; He knows your heart. Close the windows and enter into your closet—and pray in secret!” It would have been easy to close the windows and draw the curtains but not for one who
dares to be a Daniel; he lets God’s light shine through him.

Daniel is a man of courage. He prays and thanks God in the open. Do you give thanks to God for your food in restaurants or before unsaved family? Dare to be a Daniel!

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