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Daniel 6

Outline and Background - Daniel 6

Advancement and Adversaries of Daniel - Daniel 6:1-9

Attitude of Daniel - Daniel 6:10

Accusation Against Daniel and Anxiety of Darius - Daniel 6:11-20

Assurance and Avenging of Darius - Daniel 6:21-24

Announcement of Darius and Achievement of Daniel - Daniel 6:25-28

Application and Typical Prophecies - Daniel 6

Announcement of Darius and Achievement of Daniel - Daniel 6:25-28

King Darius has become the servant of God. His words are recorded forever in Scripture. His decree exalting the living God is sevenfold.

1. All people must fear and reverence the God of Daniel.

2. He is the living God.

3. He endures forever.

4. His kingdom is eternal.

5. He rescues and saves.

6. He performs signs and wonders.

7. He has delivered Daniel from lions.


It is uncertain whether Daniel prospered during the reign of two different kings of Medo-Persia, or one. In either case, God continued to bless His tried and proven servant.

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