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Daniel 11

Outline and Background - Daniel 11

Two Empires - Medo-Persia - Daniel 11:1-4

Two Empires - Egypt and Syria - Daniel 11:5-20

Two Princes - Antiochus IV Epiphanes - Daniel 11:21-35

Two Princes - The Willful King - Daniel 11:36-39

Two Events - Mid-Tribulation Crisis - Daniel 11:40-45

Two Events - Final Deliverance of Israel - Daniel 12:1-3

Application of Daniel 11

Outline and Background - Daniel 11

Outline of Chapter Eleven

Two Empires

  • Medo-Persia, 1-4
  • Egypt and Syria, 5-20

Two Princes

  • Antiochus IV Epiphanes, 21-35
  • The Wilful King, 36-39

Two Events

  • Mid-Tribulation Crisis, 40-45
  • Final Deliverance of Israel, 12:1-3

Background of Chapter Eleven

The great unseen conflict between the forces of light and darkness introduced in chapter ten supplies the background for chapter eleven. Israelís disobedience, rebellion, and immorality have been weighed on the scales of Godís justice, and the nationís chastisement is chronicled in foreordained history.

Chapter eleven divides easily into two parts: (1) fulfilled prophecies; and (2) yet to be fulfilled prophecies. Verses 1-35 describe the people and events of the first sixty-nine sevens that were revealed in the ninth chapter. Verses 36-45 cover events that take will place during the seventieth seven, including Israelís tribulation and the reign of the Antichrist.

From our perspective, the first part of this chapter shows history revealing prophecy and the second part shows prophecy revealing history. For Daniel, the latter was the case for both parts. He died before any of the prophecies in this vision were fulfilled.

Why does the Bible contain so many prophecies? One reason is to show that God controls history before it ever happens. Among many other reasons, prophecy (1) authenticates Godís Word as Truth; (2) demonstrates that Yahweh is the Most High God of heaven; (3) validates that the coming Messiah is Lord and God; and (4) strengthens Godís people for the future.

Prophetic truth is history written in advance. This chapter is a ďlight shining in a dark placeĒ (2 Peter 1:19-21). In the first thirty-five verses, there are at least 135 prophecies, which have been literally fulfilled, a fact that can be corroborated by studying the history of this period. Even the liberal critics agree that the book of Daniel accurately details this period. That makes this one of the most unusual and controversial portions of Scripture, not due to any difficulty in understanding the details, but because the details themselves are so accurate. Hence, the liberal critics, who deny that ďall Scripture is God breathed (2 Timothy 3:16), hold that Daniel was written after the fact. Otherwise, they would have to bow to the Most High God who is sovereign over the affairs of men.

The detailed fulfillments of this chapterís prophecies are covered in many commentaries on Daniel. Not all writers agree, of course, at every point. The following broad-brush presentation of the events predicted in this chapter has been complied from many of the sources listed at the end of this book.

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