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Daniel 10

Outline and Background - Daniel 10

The Preparation for the Vision - Daniel 10:1-3

The Appearance of the Man - Daniel 10:4-6

The Paralyzing Effect and Invigorating Touch of the Man - Daniel 10:7-11

The Adversary of the Man - Daniel 10:12-13

The Purpose and Veneration of the Man - Daniel 10:14-17

The Energizing Touch and Warfare of the Man - Daniel 10:18-20

Application of Daniel 10

Outline and Background - Daniel 10

Outline of Chapter Ten

The Preparation for the Vision, 1-3
The Appearance of the Man, 4-6
The Paralyzing Effect of the Man, 7-9
The Invigorating Touch of the Man, 10-11
The Adversary of the Man, 12-13
The Purpose of the Man, 14
The Veneration of the Man, 15-17
The Energizing Touch of the Man, 18-19
The Warfare of the Man, 20



Timeline of Daniel 10

Background of Chapter Ten

Chapters 10-12 form a single vision of the Latter Days. Daniel is invigorated in chapter ten; he receives the vision’s predictions in chapter eleven; and responds to them in chapter twelve. These three chapter breaks are somewhat artificial.

The year of this section is 536 B.C. Assuming Daniel was fourteen in 605 B.C., his age was eighty-three years. The statesman had continued in office until the first year of Cyrus (538 B.C.) and then retired (Daniel 1:21). After Cyrus’ decree allowing the Jews to return to Palestine, Daniel’s lofty position in the two empires had served its final purpose. Nevertheless, as the prophet of God’s plan for the world and His people Israel, his task was not complete. One more vision was forthcoming!

Israel would get little pleasure from its new freedom under the Persian rulers. Jerusalem and the Temple would be rebuilt in troublesome times. There is more bad news— “the Greeks are coming!” The Hellenists would invade Palestine militarily as well as culturally.

This chapter reveals a great conflict between the forces of good and evil within the spiritual realm. Here is a glimpse of the invisible warfare that is taking place between the organized dominion of darkness and the organized kingdom of light. It is essential to keep in mind that all gods of the nations are idols, and that behind every idol are demons (Psalm 96:5; 1 Corinthians 10:20). Considering the multitude of false gods worshiped during this period, Satan and his angels were extremely active. Israel’s times of distress, difficulty and suffering center on the great conflict between God and Satan.

At the very sight of the glorious man in Daniel’s vision of 536 B.C., the prophet’s strength is sapped. This vision is breathtaking in many ways. Daniel required several touches before he was ready to receive the revelation. Three of the five touches received by the prophet are recorded in chapter ten (8:18; 9:21; 10:10, 16, 18). That Daniel is made strong, when weak. foreshadows what God will do for Israel after a time of distress.

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