Decoding Daniel - an in depth Bible study of the book of Daniel

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Daniel 1

Outline and Background

Crisis Point - Daniel 1:1

Captive Situation - Daniel 1:2

Crucial Test - Daniel 1:3-7

Critical Choice - Daniel 1:8-13

Commendable Decision & Consequent Blessing - Daniel 1:14-20

Coincident Prophecy - Daniel 1:21

Application and Typical Prophecies

Coincident Prophecy - Daniel 1:21

“And Daniel remained there until the first year of King Cyrus.” This statement is prophetic in its typical interpretation. Daniel typified the Jewish exiles, remaining in captivity until Cyrus became king.

There is a basic rule of interpreting Scripture, which is often stated:

All Scripture has but one primary interpretation.

All Scripture may have several practical applications.

Many Scriptures have also a prophetic revelation.

Recognizing this basic rule of interpreting Scripture, a few applications and prophetic revelations are interpreted at the end of each chapter. The people and events of the first six chapters are a foreshadowing of future people and events. Hence, the entire book of Daniel is prophetic.

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